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Custom computer mounts meet specialized Healthcare needs

ICW designs and manufactures custom mounts for computers, monitors, keyboards and medical devices ideally suited to the healthcare environment. Our in-house engineers work with our customers to define, create and test designs, then every mount is built by hand to our customers’ exact requirements. We’re able to customize solutions for even the most complex mounting challenges in hospitals, surgery centers and clinics.
Ergonomic computer mounts help medical staff work more comfortably and efficiently
Our well-designed mounts are simple to adjust and effortless to use, enhancing workflow while protecting nurses and other caregivers against potential musculoskeletal injuries. ICW’s monitor mounts adjust up and down, forward and back, tilt and rotate to eliminate screen glare and reduce back, neck and eye strain. Our true sit-stand workstations streamline workflow, enhance employee health, reduce fatigue and eliminate “sitting disease.”




The ergonomically designed seat of the Salli Saddle Chair directs your body automatically in the natural, health-promoting posture. Once you have achieved this, it is easy to work all day.
An upright and healthy sitting position affects the energy levels of your mind and body. As a result of the good posture, the rib cage can expand freely, which deepens your breathing. Improved blood circulation reduces headaches. On the active seat, the muscles in your back and abdomen get a little workout during the day.
On the Salli Saddle Chair, your body weight rests on the sitting bones. The lower back can therefore form a natural curve. The riding-like sitting position lets your back enjoy good posture without unnecessary muscle tension. As the load on the spine eases, the muscles in the neck and shoulder area can relax. The lower body forms a golden triangle: you are sitting on your sitting bones with your legs obliquely forward.

Salli started to develop in Finland ergonomic chairs based on the horse saddle. It intends to support sitting bones (hip bones) only and take pressure away from soft tissues. Thus, Salli is the only chair that allows you to sit with great posture as if standing, but as comfortable as when sitting . Your position on Salli is the same of most sports: ready position. In this base position whatever movement is done, the body will activate core muscles. This will help to protect your lower back during the day and also, help to improve every arm movement, releasing tension from shoulder and neck. Salli is the healthiest option when sit for long periods of time.

Salli Saddle Chair copy
Ergonomic and healthy sitting position is best achieved on an anatomically designed, two-part saddle chair. Sitting on Salli automatically creates lordosis in the lower back, which relieves the harmful pressure on the disks. The gap in the seat makes it possible to maintain the good posture even during long operations, because there is no uncomfortable pressure in the genital area – and thus no need to round the back. 
When sitting on a saddle chair the body can move almost as freely as when working in a standing position. Moving around the patient and reaching for things is effortless. Furthermore, there is no need for a separate working chair in front of the table, because moving on Salli is so fast and easy. Salli accessories improve ergonomics in operating theatre, ultrasound and when taking samples.  

Elbow Rest gives good support for both hands. Excellent for anesthesia nurses, and to be used in laboratories and x-ray. 
Ergorest hand support is available with or without the back rest. A very good accessory to be used in laboratories and ultrasound.
Salli Expert has a two-part seat which enables you to maintain the good position even during long operations. Height control both by hand lever and by foot.
Foot Height Control enables you to adjust the height hygienically, without touching the lever by hand.

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